Taxi Driver

This application is great for taxi driver.
Someone is calling asking to order a taxi for tomorrow at 10:00, he gives you his name, phone and address.
What are you doing with it? When he will call you, would you know who he is? how would you call him?
You are not going to meet him afterwards. Maybe only if he will forget something in your cab.
TempContact will solve your problem.
* You open TempContact.
* You enter the customer name
* In last name you write something like "Drive Tuesday 10:00"
* You can even enter the address.
* Expired 2 days.
Now you can open your contact list, search for drive, and see all the customers asking for drive,
You can call the customer, If he will call you, you will know who he is.
And on the day after, the entry will be deleted from your list.