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TempContact A uniqe application that allows saving contacts for a predefined period of time. This application is built keeping in mind the service providers such as plumbers, air condition supplier, movers etc. who will need it for their everyday use. But in addition, it is suited for personal use as well.

New feature added periodically

Several ideas are planned for the application. I will really be gladd to hear your opinion and suggestions. Contact Us.

pencilThe delivery person Test case :David is a delivery person, each day he has to call and coordinate delivery with customers. The customers call him, to check when he arrives. His contact list is a mess and numbers are never identified He wants a better experience. With this unique app, David can prepare himself when he gets the deliveries: entering the name, the company, and expiration date for 1 day. He can even write the family name as #1, #2, #3, according to the order in the line. Now, he can be sure that all of the numbers will be identified, and he can even know when he is expected to arrive. The great part is that: tomorrow night; all those numbers will be deleted automatically.

hourglassTeacher Test case : Dan is a teacher; every year, he gets phone calls from students' parents, and even from the students themselves. But after 1-3 years he doesn't need those numbers any more. Now he can instruct the phone to clear his contacts after that period of time automatically.