13 May, 2014

- Creating a call back QR
I am really excited describing a very nice feature in the application.
The ability to create a QR that will allow your customers to add your phone as a temporary contact automatically
This is how it is done: 1. You create a link http://temporary-contacts.com/add.jsp?mobile=number&phone=number&name=name&family=name&title=title&exp=expiration
While you enter the appropriate values in the parameters. The expiration date should be a number accompanied with period (d,w,m,y) for Day, Week, Month, Year.
for example: http://temporary-contacts.com/add.jsp?mobile=972344323&name=Dany&title=Delivery 6:40&exp=2d
2. You go to a QR creation service such as http://goqr.me/#t=url , enter the URL, and create the QR.
Now you can take the QR and print it, send it or whatever you like. Any android ma chine that will scan the QR will get your phone number automatically to his phone.
If he doesn't have Temporary contact installed, he will be referenced to install it.

6 Mar, 2014

- A Radio interview!
I was just interviewed in Reshet Bet in Israel,describing the application.
Nice experience

28 Sep, 2013

- A Bad review I'v got
After many good reviews I just got a bad one.
Of course that I answered the review, but I wanted to make things clear here in the site as well.
The customer claimed that many authorizations are required and that the number he entered was gone.
Well, I am not saving information at all and actually asside of the authorization to access the contacts list, I need nothing.
But As you all know, I need to monetize the app, so the banners system require all the authorizations.
Anyway, the pro version that is now less than 1.5$ remove the banners at all.
In addition, it appears that the customer did not understand how to use the application, since he thought that the new contact should be displayed in the app, while it is actually displayed in the contacts list.
So have fun till next time.
Dev Team